Bombay Bicycle Club @Fairgrounds Jakarta 130112

The People's Party 2012

Thank God It’s Friday! wasn’t just an ordinary phrase for all Bombay Bicycle Club’s fans in Jakarta on Friday, January 13. We were really grateful for this day because the wonderful Bombay Bicycle Club was going to perform tonight at Fairgrounds (ex Bengkel Night Park). They were coming to Indonesia on the event called The People’s Party, promoted by Soundshine. Bombay Bicycle Club was not the only band that performed that night. We also have The Jezabels (Australia), The Naked and Famous (New Zealand) and Metronomy (UK). Not to mention the opening act by local band called Roman Foot Soldiers. But on this blog, I will concentrate on writing about Bombay Bicycle Club’s performance since they are my favourite and they are the reason I came to this event.

The People’s Party started at 7 pm sharp and Roman Foot Soldiers opened this event smoothly. This was the first time I heard their songs and I think they’re good. The venue was still pretty empty when they performed, but we did enjoy the show. After RFS done with their job, it’s time for The Jezabels to go on stage. These two bands didn’t play a lot of songs, I guess. Their each performance took less than an hour.

And here we come! It was the performance I had been waiting for. Bombay Bicycle Club’s crews were on the stage, preparing all the stuff for the band, including Louis Bhose. I love his band, Theme Park and I was actually wondering how they were gonna do touring when Louis was with BBC.

Bombay Bicycle Club

The crowd was going crazy as they heard Shuffle intro. Suren de Saram, Ed Nash, Jamie MacColl and Jack Steadman went on the stage to start the show. Without any further ado, they continued with Your Eyes—another song from their latest and third album A Different Kind of Fix. They also performed their songs from the first and second albums—I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose and Flaws—such as Dust on the Ground, Evening/Morning and Ivy & Gold.

The Flawless Jack Steadman

Ed Nash

Jamie MacColl

Suren de Saram

Jack Steadman (again...)

This four-piece-band kept making the audience satisfied with their energetic performance as they sang Magnet and What You Want. The crowd—mostly girls—sang along with the band perfectly. The night was getting hotter and the screams were getting louder when the band performed Lights Out, Words Gone which made all the people in the venue start to dance. (Personally, I think it would be perfect if Lucy Rose were here and sang her part of the song.) It reached the climax when Bombay Bicycle Club performed Always Like This, which had been shouted by the fans since the middle of the gig. All the audience seemed to remember all the lyrics of this song, even Jack Steadman gave them a chance to sing the part of this song loudly. After singing 13 songs, Bombay Bicycle Club closed the show with their last songs, What If. There’s no encore in this show even tough all of us still wanted them to perform more and more songs.

Jack Steadman (again and again... Can't get enough of him)


  1. Shuffle
  2. Your Eyes
  3. Dust on the Ground
  4. Leave It
  5. Lights Out, Words Gone
  6. Ivy and Gold
  7. Evening/Morning
  8. Cancel on Me
  9. Lamplight
  10. Sleep
  11. Magnet
  12. What You Want
  13. Always Like This
  14. What If

I met them at the backstage before the show and they signed my CD. Happy!




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