The Maccabees @Debaser Slussen Stockholm 180212

Alright, before I go crazy in describing how awesome it was, I’d like to share my story of how I got acquainted with the one and only Brighton-based band The Maccabees.

Frankly speaking, I am a new fan (someone’s gotta be honest here). Yep, I don’t remember exactly the time, but I only knew them in the midst of 2011. I guess it was because (by the way, a really good source of, well obviously, British indie bands) once posted their pictures on their blog I started to feed on my curiosity. Then, somehow (again, I can’t remember exactly how it happened, it was all blur :D) Tessa my bestie introduced me to their first album Colour It In. Perfect timing! I needed new music at that time. So there was a point when I listened to them back to back on my way to and back from school. I was so hooked I didn’t bother to look up the titles of the songs. I just kept listening to them. I was like, maan this is so fun! The music sounds raw and yet full of energy. And of course, I had to express my excitement of discovering The Maccabees in Twitter. A friend replied and said that apparently one of the members of the band was super cute. Knowing this, I actually laughed to myself because it only happens few times when I fall in love with a band purely because of the music (I am a fangirl okay). Thus, I couldn’t comment on that and surprisingly, I didn’t try to look for their pictures either after that. Ah well, after a while, I moved on to listening to other music and watched several gigs like Patrick Wolf and Foster the People so The Maccabees-hype was slowly declining.

It was not until I heard Pelican on its released day that I got so excited all over again with them. PLUS THEY ANNOUNCED TOUR DATES THAT INCLUDED STOCKHOLM AND THEY WOULD PLAY IN MY FAVOURITE GIG VENUE WITH AFFORDABLE TICKET PRICE. adfghjkl. FANTASTIC. I couldn’t miss it could I? It was then I began to learn more about them (because that is what you do when you plan to watch a gig of a band that you do not really know). The bio, the discography, the music videos, the press interviews, everything (and yes, Felix and Hugo are super cute haha). Anyway, I started to take a good listen to the songs (and learned the titles and the lyrics (hopelessly)) and realized once again how amazing they are. I noticed that from the first album to their latest one Given to the Wild, they have grown so much musically. Their sounds are richer and more sophisticated without being too heavy. You can hear the layers of different kinds of sound that make each song is grand in its own. The mystical ambience and the perfect build-up that each of them has have captured my heart effortlessly. I am not gonna write track-by-track review here, but I gotta say that my most favorite song in this album and whose live version I anticipated the most is Unknow merely because of its sick guitar riffs and bass.    

Okay okay, I am moving on to THE day now. It was snowing like hell that night but it didn’t let me down. I was super excited that in fact I was among the first few peoples that queued to get in the venue. I waited and waited under the heavy snow when suddenly….ORLANDO AND FELIX PASSED BY. I was so starstruck that I just froze myself (figuratively and literally). Anyway, it really felt like it took forever before they finally let us in. Once inside, I picked a good spot in the front row and just helplessly watched other people dancing and …ORLANDO AND FELIX WALKING BACK AND FORTH. AND RUPERT. AND SAM. Where’s Hugo? :D

More and more people came. Debaser Slussen started to get so packed. And I mean…packed! It was so full that I sensed I was about to experience a wild night. And what a wild night it was. Few minutes after eleven o’clock, the boys came up to the stage to a very very loud and excited crowd.

It was difficult to take pictures of them together but this is pretty good

And judging by Hugo’s and Lando’s look, they seemed quite surprised by how frantically the crowd welcomed them. They started the show with Child and as soon as it reached its killer end, mosh-pit existed. The same happened through the second song Feel To Follow. Felix’s and Hugo’s mad guitar skills just didn’t fail to make the crowd jumped, danced and went nuts. Meanwhile, Lando (who looked slightly shocked seeing how crazy the crowd was despite being shy and awkward) greeted and apologized since they started way too early that day (they did a live TV performance in the morning). Really Lando, I didn’t understand what you apologized for.

artsy pic of Lando is artsy

Then they played more familiar numbers Wall of Arms and No Kind Words from their second album Wall of Arms which made the crowd sing along as loudly as they could…along with Hugo, Rupert and Felix (as the crowd banter) who couldn’t help to mouth some of the lyrics. The crowd did calm a little bit as they continued with Glimmer, but not for long since the rest of the songs just continuously set fire in the room. The old or the new songs just no longer made any difference. Went Away, William Powers, First Love, X-Ray, Can You Give It, Forever I’ve Known, Love You Better, and Pelican followed without mercy. Throughout these songs, at one point, a guy just hung on on an iron tube on the ceiling which made Felix and especially Lando looked a bit worried and puzzled, but they carried on anyway. Yes, it was THAT crazy.  What’s next? The boys waved and went backstage which we all knew that it didn’t mean that it was over. NOT YET. The crowd started to chant “one more time” and we in the front row battered the wooden board on the edges of the stage. Once again, we successfully made Lando and Hugo looked amazed as they went on with Unknow. Speechless. I saw the riffs and the thumping bass with my own eyes.

Hugo and his lovely guitar

Rupert and his bass

Finally, as much as I didn’t want it to be over, it had to. They ended the gig beautifully with Precious Time and Grew Up at Midnight.      

Fiuh, guys, WHAT A LEGENDARY NIGHT OF YOUR FIRST GIG IN SWEDEN RIGHT? If you don’t come back after this, I really don’t know what to say. You have already made more than 100 people fell in love with your flawless sound that they looked like they didn’t want to leave Debaser that night.

Really, it was the atmosphere of a small-yet-so-grand intimate gig that I have never experienced before and surely will never forget. THE MACCABEES FTW!

the setlist d'uh

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring. (I know it’s a way-too-long review, don’t kill me?)




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