Redtrack Announce Break Up

Redtrack Moments (2002-2012)

February 24th became a gloomy day for us because one of the talented and very promising bands just announced their break-up on Twitter and Facebook. They are Redtrack, a five-piece-band from Southend, UK. Here is their release regarding the band break-up:

Redtrack Announce Break Up

It was a quite shocking news for us and disappointing because personally we just knew about them a year ago and we haven’t had any opportunity to catch them live. We were sure that the band that consisted of Billy Wright (guitar/vocal), Mitch Silvey (guitar/vocal), Rob Gulston (keys/samples/guitar), Phil Blake (bass/vocal) and Andrew Perry (drums) would gain huge fans and become bigger and bigger in the future. Currently this alternative-pop band is selling off all of their stocks via Twitter and Facebook. If you’re a fan and you don’t have any record of them, you’d better go grab it fast because it might be your last chance to get it. If you don’t know anything about them yet, check out the tracks below.

If you suddenly fall in love with their music (just like I did when I listened to their song for the first time), don’t be sad. Billy and Robert are still making great music with the alterno-pop duo called BB. Check out their Facebook page and Twitter to get know about them.



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