The Royal Concept @Debaser Medis Stockholm 250212

Where can you get to see good live bands for free? Only in Sweden. Debaser, as not only the gig-goers but also many artists’ favourite venue , just really treats you every time by presenting talented indie bands and artists the world should know. Whose turn was it to please our ears on that Saturday night? It was Stockholm’s own dearest band named The Royal Concept. Now you might wonder…what Concept?

The band consists of David Larson (vocals), Filip Bekic (guitar), Magnus Robert (bass), and Frans Povel (drums) who all have been in the backing band of Swedish big names like Robyn, Tove Styrke and Veronica Maggio. That sounds promising right? Now they stand by themselves making a perfect concept of pop music. The formula: catchy choruses, dreamy sugary clean vocals, melodic guitar chords, and upbeat drums and bass, and… good looks (what else, they’re Swedish). Such perfect ingredients which were proven that night as the crowd did not stop dancing and clapping. As soon as they opened with their hits Damn! , it was impossible to stand still. And when you thought the song reached its end, they gave you extra seconds of pop climax.

I’m glad I decided to see them that night

Throughout the show, through other hits like D-D-Dance and Gimme Twice and the new song Girls, Girls, Girls, David occasionally wooed the girls standing in the front row knowing exactly what his charm could do.

David Larson

But apparently, he took the boys’ hearts too since they swung their hands up in the air when a slower number was played. All looked pleased. It is obvious then, although they were formed only just last year, the success is coming faster than we or the band thinks. In fact, they’re gearing up to conquer USA which I think will be effortless since they already have a big fan-base there and surely will gain more.

At the end of the day, after they got off stage and the crowd chanted demanding them to play more, they went back up and closed the show by covering The Who’s My Generation. Overall, they played probably more or less ten songs, but it felt like it was longer which is a good thing! Let’s just hope, as their label said, that they would release their most-anticipated debut album in the autumn this year at the latest so that we can enjoy more and more of their perfect blend of pop songs.

But, allow me to end this review by pointing out that they do freakishly sound a lot like Phoenix, but if you see them live, you will pick up their own unique style which makes you realize that the comparison no longer matters. You will enjoy them.

Check out their Soundcloud where you can download two of their popular hits for free!

Edit: Listen to their debut EP here!



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