The Drums @Berns Stockholm 090312

Tessa: I wonder if Connor is already with the guys now in Sweden… *if you read our previous post, Connor was with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart in Jakarta last week*

Me: He should be! Otherwise, it’s not exactly The Drums for me.

Jacob Graham, Jonathan 'Jonny' Pierce, Connor Hanwick

That was my expectation: to see the complete version of The Drums. But no, Connor wasn’t there to join Jonny and Jacob as they played in Berns, Stockholm that night. I don’t know why, but honestly, I was really disappointed. I could feel my enthusiasm level just dropped instantly when I saw somebody else took Connor’s place as the show was about to begin. Even Jacob’s sharp look could not save it at that moment. But worry not! It got better… :D

When I knew that The Drums was coming, I felt ecstatic. Although the ticket was quite expensive (for my wallet at least), I was determined not to miss them again (they played Debaser Medis in 2010), especially after reading Tessa’s review on their gig in Jakarta. I remember I said to myself that one day I had to experience the same kind of fun, joy, and amazing feeling of seeing The Drums live. Plus, the fact that Hurts, one of my most favorite bands, is a big fan of The Drums too (they remixed Down By The Water and Theo Hutchcraft recently went to The Drum’s London gig), intrigues me even more to discover what the hype is all about. So I did listen to both albums non-stop for two weeks before the big day. As a result, I was ready. SO READY to take pleasure in witnessing how sad lyrics wrapped in such simple and cheery tunes are performed live and powered by Jonny’s distinctive singing style. I was ready to drown in them and just get loose!

I arrived at the venue at 6 pm, 2 hours before the doors were opened and apparently, I was only the second person to stand outside. The first girl then approached me and we started to talk about how much we loved The Drums and wondered if we looked weird and way-too-excited to be there way-too-early. Anyhow, to kill the time, we continued conversing – surprisingly it turned out that we had a lot in common in our taste in music- when all of a sudden… WE SAW JONNY running up the steps in the entrance and heading to the concert hall. They did a soundcheck for two songs which we could see quite clearly from afar and WOW they sounded oh so good! That was a ridiculous teaser. We were getting so pumped we couldn’t calm ourselves. And out of nowhere we began singing a little. And oh, we also saw Jonny kidding around on stage, showing some laughs. And when somebody rode piggyback on Jonny’s shoulder, it looked really cute. I thought it was Connor because he was wearing a cap like Connor did when Tessa took picture with him. But now I realize that it might have been Jacob, which makes that moment could have been even cuter :D

Finally, securities were out and a queue line was made just FIVE minutes before 8 pm. Strangely, there were still not so many people. It was easy to take the place in the front row. While waiting for another hour, I heard some boys beside me saying that they actually didn’t know about The Drums and joking about it. What the… I was a bit annoyed hearing that, but I didn’t let them ruin my mood! I was instead just reminiscing the good times I had when I saw Hurts in the same place almost exactly a year ago. Then, when the clock struck at 9 pm, a Swedish act opened the show. Unfortunately, they didn’t introduce themselves and their music failed to impress me. I just couldn’t wait more for The Drums.

The stage

It was around 10 pm when finally they kicked off the night with What You Were which made us in the front row instantly moved our bodies along with Jonny. Also, it didn’t take long for me to notice how charming Jonny, Jacob and even Myles were that night. Jonny just looked genuinely happy to be in Sweden which he said as the “land of beauty”. You’re too kind Jonny! Best Friend then followed. Jonny kept moving from side to side, embracing the crowd. His voice sounded perfect. As a matter of fact, I could hear that all the instruments just spotted on. It was really something to see Myles right in front of you working it at both guitar and bass.

Myles Matheny

It was fascinating as well to see Jacob playing the tambourine and the keys wholeheartedly while twisting and switching the knobs in his synths, looking occupied in his own world (or rather he looked more like a crew doing his thing in a Star Trek scene :D).  Then, when it came to How It Ended, the song which I was looking forward to the most, I felt really happy. I sang as loud as I can, threw my hands up in the air and just, like I said before, let myself loose! Right after that, Money was enthusiastically received by the crowd who seemed to know all the words, which then was rewarded by Jonny as he praised Stockholm’s crowd as “by far the best crowd we’ve ever had in Sweden” at the end of I Need Fun in My Life.  And you Jonny, is the most dancey vocalist I’ve ever seen :D

sweet sweet Jonny

Speaking of money, there was a funny moment after Forever and Ever Amen song when someone handed 20 Swedish Crowns as Jonny reached out his hand to the front-liners.  He was confuse at first, but then quickly looked delighted by the funny gesture and he promised not to spend it. Even Myles couldn’t help to sport a bright smile at that time. You need to smile more Myles! Just sayin’ :D

I'm glad I could snap that moment ;p

The second most anticipated song for me was of course Book of Revelation. There was no excuse. You just had to sing that philosophic line “I’ve seen the world and there’s no heaven and there’s no hell” out loud. Indeed, we’ve been paying attention Jonny! Then it came to the ‘last song’ Down by the Water which was just simply beautiful and Jonny’s vocal here was just simply amazing.


Getting closer to the end of the show, I felt almost content. But no, I was actually about to feel fully satisfied when it was time for the highlight of that night. Jacob walked back to the stage alone to perform the beginning of Searching for Heaven.  With low lighting, there was a sense of mysterious and eerie ambience and when Jonny appeared and started to sing, I seriously had goosebumps. It was magnificent. And when I heard the intro of Let’s Go Surfing, I just knew that it would be a sweet ending: the crowd was given one last chance to perform a choir.

It was sweet. Really. 


For those of you who missed it, the show was livestreamed and you could watch it here with really good audio quality.

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