Architecture in Helsinki @Fairgrounds Jakarta 100312

Architecture in Helsinki live in Jakarta

What do you have in mind when you hear about Architecture in Helsinki? Do they come from Scandinavia? (Because a friend of mine thought that I was gonna see a gig in Finland when I told her about this band. lol) Well… they don’t come from Finland or any Scandinavian countries. Architecture in Helsinki is an electronic-pop indie band from Australia which consists of Cameron Bird, Gus Franklin, Jamie Mildren, Sam Perry, and Kellie Sutherland. They are not a new player in the music industry as they have been around since early 2000s. This five-piece-band has released four studio albums since 2003 until their latest album, Moment Bends, last year.

Architecture in Helsinki

I guess I was lucky this time because I got a free ticket for Architecture in Helsinki’s gig. I’ve listened to their songs before and yes, I was so excited! The show was started at 8 pm with a performance from Bottlesmoker, an electronic-pop band from Bandung. Architecture in Helsinki got on the stage about two hours later, singing their first song, Desert Island, to their fans who has been waiting to see them. The song that happened to be the first track in Moment Bends was followed by other hits from previous albums, Hold Music, Like It or Not and Souvenirs.

Every song that the band played that night gave me a little surprise, in a very positive way, because all of their songs brought something new and different to my ears, compared to their studio-recorded version. It made me excited to listen to which song they would sing next. Some famous hits like Escapee and W.O.W were also performed by the band and these songs definitely gained a loud cheers from the crowd. After 16 songs, Architecture in Helsinki went backstage and everyone in the venue shouted, “We want more!” because we just can’t get enough of the beat and music of the band. They came back to sing their last two songs, Maybe You Can Owe Me, and perfectly closed that night with their hit, Heart It Races.

Sam Perry, Cameron Bird and Kellie Sutherland

Kellie Sutherland and Cameron Bird

Gus Franklin and Jamie Mildren

Cameron Bird


  1. Desert Island
  2. Hold Music
  3. Like It or Not
  4. Souvenirs
  5. Everything’s Blue
  6. That Beep
  7. Denial Style
  8. Escapee
  9. Debbie
  10. It’s 5!
  11. Do the Whirlwind
  12. Wishbone
  13. W.O.W
  14. Bette Davis Eyes
  15. I Know Deep Down
  16. Contact High
  17. Maybe You Can Owe Me
  18. Heart It Races

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