Friendly Fires @Fairgrounds Jakarta 170312

Living in a country far far away from UK—which has become the place where most of my favourite bands come from—makes me fully aware that I have a small chance to see them live. But it seems that theory was broken because I am able to see lots of amazing indie bands’ performances this year. One of the most anticipated gig was Friendly Fires on last Saturday (March 17th) at Fairgrounds Jakarta—a cozy concert hall for most of indie bands. The trio—Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson—was the headliner in an annual event called Beat Fest with Roman Foot Soldiers and The Magician as opening acts.

Beat Fest ticket

I arrived at the venue early and became one of the first persons there because honestly I had been waiting to see Friendly Fires for some times and I wanted to be at the front row at the gig. So, I was there, queuing in the line and waiting to get inside the venue. We were allowed to get in around 8 pm. The opening band—Roman Foot Soldiers—got on the stage half an hour later. It was the second time I saw their performance and they were as great as before. They played about 30 minutes and the band also sang their new song that night. The second supporting act was not a band. He was a DJ, named the Magician, who performed for about 1.5 hours (and I personally think that was a bit too long).

Roman Foot Soldiers

The Magician. I was hoping he did some magic tricks. Haha.

Finally all the opening acts were done. After doing sound check, Friendly Fires started their performance at 11 pm. The band who has released two studio albums—self titled album and Pala—opened the show with Lovesick, which made the crowd really excited. Friendly Fires really rocked the night along with Ed’s energetic dance, Edd’s catchy guitar playing and Jack’s dynamic drums. Helping this trio, the horns players—trumpet and saxophone—also made the night merrier while the crowd didn’t stop singing along every lyrics of their songs. After singing their first song, Friendly Fires continued entertaining the audience with another song from their first album, Jump in the Pool, followed by a series of their second album’s hits—Running Away, Blue Cassette and True Love. Almost all of the tracks from Pala were sung that night, except for one song, Helpless.

Ed MacFarlane

Ed and his sexy dance

Edd Gibson

Jack Savidge

Friendly Fires never ceased to amaze everyone who came last Saturday with all 17 songs they played, even though there was a bit of technical problem with Ed’s microphone. Realizing that his microphone didn’t work well, he gave a code to the technician and of course didn’t stop singing. He immediately grabbed Edd’s mic and still managed to appeal the crowd with his voice.

Before the gig started, I chatted with a photographer from a media. He said that Ed didn’t come to the press conference before because he didn’t feel well. It seems that his health condition didn’t affect him that night as he gave an all out performance and I guess no one could even notice that he was not in his best shape.

The 1.5 hours performance really pleased all Friendly Fires’ fans. It was so fun to be a part of the crowd that sang along and danced like no one’s watching that night. Satisfaction and grateful expressions could be seen on everyone’s smile and all euphoric updates they made on social media, especially twitter. Lots of fans tweeted how great the show was. And for the band themselves, I guess they were as content as we were. In between their songs, Ed said thank you to the Jakarta crowd several times, also on his and Jack’s twitter account. So I bet it’s not too much if I say that this Saturday has brought happiness and pleasure to everyone in Fairgrounds, Jakarta.

I really love this guy!

My signed Pala CD. I met Ed and Edd after the gig. They decided to greet some of their fans before they went for after party in one of the clubs in Jakarta.


  1. Lovesick
  2. Jump in the Pool
  3. Running Away
  4. Blue Cassette
  5. True Love
  6. On Board
  7. Chimes
  8. Skeleton Boy
  9. Show Me Lights
  10. In the Hospital
  11. Pala
  12. Live Those Days Tonight
  13. Hurting
  14. Pull Me Back to Earth
  15. Paris
  16. Hawaiian Air
  17. Kiss of Life

PS. Sooooooo sorry for the crappy quality of the images. It was so hard to take pictures while dancing.


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