The Fix with Shotgun Crackers and Killerball @Debaser Slussen Stockholm 220312

If you had a chance to see three bands in one night for free, would you go? Of course you would! D’uh!

So, yeah, that was how I reacted when I was just casually scrolling down the gig’s calendar on Debaser Stockholm’s website which has lately become my habit to feed my craving of seeing live music.  I then became more excited after doing a little research on the bands. One click on The Fix’s Modesty video: INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE. Jeez, what a catchy song and amazing 3D-styled video made with such a small budget. More clicks later on the band’s website: that was it. They stole my heart. I had to see them live. I couldn’t stop playing The Great Epic Tease EP (what an epic EP name right?) which is unbelievably good I had no favorite track. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL. Every single is smart and just stands out. And when I thought I didn’t need more reason to love them, Johan’s voice (and looks) reminded me of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd. Their sense of humor reflected on the blog, the lyrics and the videos is amusing in a good way. And of course, I have hinted this before, hands down to their creativity on the music videos. With all these qualities attached to, in Baeble Music’s words, “fast-paced chord progressions and rabid drum beats” and full-of-energy live performances, the fact that they are still unsigned is beyond me.

Still surprised by the new discovery, I moved on to Shotgun Crackers and Killerball. For these two bands, I regretted that I just randomly picked one of their videos on Youtube. Anyway, I thought Shotgun Crackers’ Different City sounded a bit like Switchfoot or Train which was a good thing because I liked them too. However, it didn’t really strike me, not yet, except that they all looked good in the video which was a good thing too for me. :D Having said that, I was actually interested in how a band with six members incorporated and harmonized their sound. So, yes, more reason to go to the gig. Meanwhile, Killerball’s All That’s Good was a bit too noisy for me, but I liked the energy. I just overall couldn’t wait more to the gig day.

Anyhow, the night before the show day, I thought I would give it a shot to tweet The Fix asking them if I could acquire their EP on the venue.  They nicely replied that if they still had any, it would be mine. Smiling, I thought that as much as I wanted to have the EP, I was happy enough that they cared to respond. Another plus point right? Gah, I was just too enthusiastic for the show, everything else would be a great bonus.

I arrived at Debaser Slussen around 20 minutes before Killerball was scheduled to open the show at 8 pm (I wish all gigs started this early so that I wouldn’t have to run to catch my train all the time). And surprise surprise, Johan Falkman, very unexpectedly, recognized me, said hello and apologized that they no longer had a copy of their EP. Never mind the EP, having a little chat with him about the band was an honor really.

A little bit later after 8 pm, Killerball went on stage and performed six songs which stunned me. The band, formed when the four members went to the same high school, delivered solid rock songs with a touch of blues which was really intriguing! The fact that they sounded way more mature musically than I expected made me think that maybe previously I listened to another band with the same name. Advice: Don’t let the youth looks fools you.


Set changed, it was time for Shotgun Crackers to rock with also more or less six impressive numbers. I was once more taken aback by how good and loud they were than what I just listened to and watched from Youtube. I had more respect to each of the talented band members. They worked perfectly together to create their own distinguish sound. Not similar to Switchfoot, Wheatus, Train or whomever. Simply the amazing Shotgun Crackers.

Shotgun Crackers

Aaaand, *drumrolls* The Fix was ready to smash the night around 10 pm. If I remember it correctly, they started with How You Doing and Johan looked unpretentious. He took it easy. But not for long! He then moved around the stage frantically, sang with such a powerful voice, and always warmly tried to converse with the crowd in between songs. I literally couldn’t stop smiling the whole set. Johan, Erik J, Stefan and Erik A and his pretty bling-y guitar really gave their best modestly to celebrate the release of their killer single Modesty (you get that?). The tiny tiny bit of technical problem at the end of the song did not ruin everything that was just pure quality from The Fix. I was in total awe. I just wished they had performed more than eight songs and I wish I knew and could listen to them all the time because… you know… I NEED THE FIX!!!

Erik Jonsson

Erik Althoff and Stefan Bergman; wish I could snap a better pic

Johan Falkman

More Johan!

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