The Hives @Debaser Medis Stockholm 310312

So, did I just see The Hives last Saturday? Apparently, YES I DID!

Oh my God, it still hasn’t sunk in that I really just saw the legendary and absolutely one of the biggest bands in the world, The Hives. My hands are still trembling, Pelle’s voice, or should I say howl’s, is still ringing in my ears, my body is still hurting from the extremely wild moshing, and my mind is still lingering on the fact that The Hives were just right in front of me performing their massive hits as well as the new ones which were mind-boggling. It was INSANE! I’m not going to write a long review here. Let the pictures and videos below show you how brutal, magical and simply amazing gig it was. The Hives completely had the crowd in their hands at Debaser that night which means that taking over the world once again is just a piece of cake. The Hives are wholly glad and ecstatic to be back. Stronger than EVER!!!

Opening act: Imperial State Electric

Imperial State Electric: SO GOOD.

Sir Pelle looking absolutely dashing

The one and only Mad Nic Arson

Howlin' Pelle Almqvist just had it

Chris Dangerous and Nicholaus Arson getting ready to bring it on!

Sir Arson

Chris taking control

aaaaaah Pelleeeeeeeee


Vigilante and Dr. Matt looking BADASS

horns players on Go Right Ahead

dangerous Chris is dangerous

Your Majesty Pelle

still badass

the superior Pelle told us to sit down

yes, we obeyed him.

satisfied Chris is satisfied



killer setlist


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