Shed Seven @Eldorado Bandung 310312

The cold and rainy night in Bandung—my beautiful hometown, my favourite place in the world—suddenly became a memorable and extraordinary night for British-indie-music lovers as one of the legends in Brit music—Shed Seven—came to town to meet their fans who have been longing to see them live. This is a very special gig for Indonesian fans since they were not doing an Asia tour or something. They came only to Indonesia to see their fans. Can you imagine how lucky we are? No wonder, I met a fangirl on this gig who flew a long way from Hong Kong to Indonesia just to see them. Personally for me, I got double luck because I won free ticket from the promoter. Thanks to 3HUNDRED for bringing them to Indonesia and gave me the bloody ticket.

The show last Saturday was opened by a local band—Triangle. Honestly, I never listened to their song, but surprisingly they performed so very well and I guess they just gained one extra fan that night. Triangle brilliantly sang their 6 songs plus a cover version of the 60s hit from Procol Harum—A Whiter Shade of Pale. Apparently their members are not “new players” as they’re supported by Cil on vocal, Riko (Mocca) on bass and Fikri (Vincent Vega) on guitar. Both bands I mentioned are quite big here.


Cil from Triangle

After a great performance from Triangle, we could finally see the guys that we’ve been waiting for. Rick Witter (vocals), Joe Johnson (guitar and keyboard), Paul Banks (guitar), Tom Gladwin (bass) and Alan Leach (drums) entered the stage, welcomed by a loud cheers from the crowd. They kicked off the show with Dolphin from their first album in 1994, Change Giver. They continued to amaze us with their other songs, Where Have You Been Tonight and She Left Me on Friday. After the third song, Rick Witter finally greeted the fans as he took out a piece of paper and said, “Apa kabar, anak-anak indies Indonesia?” (translation: What’s up, Indonesian indies’ kids?). It was fun to see him attempting to say ‘hi’ in our language even though he had to write a note first (I thought he was going to give a speech with that big note. Hahaha.) As a frontman, Rick really performed attractively with his flamboyant shirt and moves. Not only did he greet the whole crowd, but he also talked to a fan and a photographer at media pit just to ask what song they wanted them to sing next. He also said thanks to all Indonesian fans by saying another Indonesian line, “Terima kasih atas kedatangannya!” (translation: Thank you for coming). Moreover, he also came down from the stage and got closer to the crowd which made everyone on the front row hysterically screamed, sang and (of course) touched something here and there.

Almost all of their hits were sung, included Bully Boy, On Standby and Ocean Pie. I am quite sure that all the fans were having so much fun. They sang along in almost all songs and even when I was looking around, some lads did the moshing and wild dancing. After Getting Better, the band went to the backstage and the crowd instantly shouted, “We want more! We want more!” The band came back to the stage with the song Out by My Side. They made us more excited when they sing a cover version of The Smiths’ Panic as a warm up before we have Morrissey live in Jakarta next month. The show reached its climax when Shed Seven sang their last song, Chasing Rainbows, and perfectly closed the show that night.

Paul Banks, Rick Witter and Alan Leach

Alan Leach, Tom Gladwin and Joe Johnson

Rick Witter

Paul Banks, Tom Gladwin and Joe Johnson

Rick and his mighty note

Paul Banks

Rick Witter, after encore

The ticket, signed by Alan Leach, Paul Banks and Joe Johnson


  1. Dolphin
  2. Where Have You Been Tonight
  3. She Left Me on Friday
  4. Devil in Your Shoes
  5. Long Time Dead
  6. Going for Gold
  7. Mark
  8. Around Your House
  9. Missing Out
  10. Bully Boy
  11. Speakeasy
  12. On Standby
  13. Ocean Pie
  14. Disco Down
  15. Getting Better
  16. Out by My Side
  17. Panic (The Smiths cover)
  18. Chasing Rainbows

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