Interview with Gaoler’s Daughter

Gaoler's Daughter (photo by James Looker)
Left to Right: Alex Mahood, Ben Hutchinson, John Sterry, Alfie Ambrose

This week Ear to Ears couldn’t get happier because we got a chance to interview one of the best talents out there the world should know about. They are Gaoler’s Daughter, a four piece band from London, consists of John Sterry (vocals), Alfie Ambrose (bass), Alex Mahood (guitar) and Ben Hutchinson (drums). Recently they just released a single called How Do You Know. The mysterious and dark rumbling guitars in the beginning of the song is just one of the most exciting hooks we’ve heard these days. Gaoler’s Daughter is definitely the band to watch for. Want to get to know them more? We have Ben and Alfie here to answer our questions. And here you go….

Ear to Ears (E): How did you guys meet?
Alfie Ambrose (A): I met Mahoody in a Hermit’s cave, Ben in a disused toilet factory and I met John Sterry at an English civil war re-enactment down in Wentworth, It was horrible day and when I got there I realised that I had got the date wrong, Viking re-enactments were the weekend after, I thought I looked out of place until I saw a Roman centurion walking rather sheepishly toward me, turned out this joker had got the day wrong too. We wasn’t allowed to take part but they said we could watch, so over a cup of hot chocolate we got to know each other and although we were dressed quite differently, we had a lot in common. I had already met the other two so everything just fell in to place after.

E: How did you come up with Gaoler’s Daughter for the band’s name and why?
Ben Hutchinson (B): It was Alfie’s idea. He had just read ‘Wind In The Willows’. The Gaoler’s Daughter represents escapism or something…

E: How do you describe your music?
B: I’d rather not. I’d much rather play it to someone and ask them how they would describe it. If I had to I’d say it’s Rock n’ Roll that’s very much from London.

E: Could you give us a little idea behind the writing process of your music?
B: We write together as a band. Sometimes John or Alex will have an idea to start us off. Sometimes, their idea may be almost a complete song. Then, as a band we work out the feel, structure and shape of the song. It’s very rare to find a song-writing partnership like we have. We’re very lucky to have found each other.

E: What is next from Gaoler’s Daughter?
B: We have so much exciting stuff coming up at the moment. We are in talks with a couple of managers, agents and publishers. We have some exciting tour dates coming up in countries we’ve never been to (Albania, China, Spain) and the new songs we’re writing are sounding better and better. We can’t wait to record them.

E: How do you feel about social media and its influences to your band?
A: I think it’s probably a good thing although I don’t really know a lot about it, I know Ben finds it useful from our collective point of view, I’m a little behind the times, I still buy things with cash. I did get a smart phone upgrade the other day, thing is definitely smarter than me, it takes me about 3 minutes to unlock it but the phone can re-lock itself in the blink of an eye, this is what I call progress.

E: What is your most embarrassing moment in general?
B: I have no shame. Nothing embarrasses me.

E: If you could be any character in fiction, who would you be?
A: Jaws, or maybe White Fang
B: Towlie from South Park.

E: What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?
A: Depends, do I know it’s going to end tomorrow? Does every one know it’s going to end? Because if every one knows I’ll probably just go with the flow. I hundred percent have to go see my Nan at some point, because if she knows the world is gonna end tomorrow and I don’t go round and see her, I’d never hear the end of it.

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