Interview with Dead Social Club

Dead Social Club

Remember a while ago we put the track Stockholm by Dead Social Club as our Music of The Week? If you dig them, there’s a good news! They are currently recording a new single which we hope will come out very soon. And lucky us, we got a lovely chance to interview them so that you can find out more below of what the band themselves say about it. Also, while reading, playing the above singles is recommended. We are sure you will like them more.

Ear to Ears (E): First, tell us about your band’s name?
Dead Social Club (DSC):
We liked it, it had a nice sound to it. I mean we all like clubs and being social, especially when dead.

E: There are six of you in the band, how do you work together?
DSC: Really well. We’re good friends. That helps so much.

E: Could you tell us what ‘Stockholm’ is about? And why ‘Stockholm’?
Stockholm is about the best thing that happened to me in my late 20’s, it’s called Stockholm as Stockholm as many islands. What happened to me is an island I want to stay on.

E: You’re recording a new single, could you give us a little hint what it’s gonna sound like?
Yeah, it’s called Sunlight and it’s a bit more pop than some of our usual stuff….. I suppose it’s a bit echo and the bunnymen in places with a slight dash of Bloc Party here and there! We hope ;-)

E: Do you have any specific goal for the band’s future?
We just love playing live, so more cool live gigs around Europe.

E: What’s the best thing about being in a band?
Oh wow, erm, mainly the banter and the laughter and all just enjoying creating music. It’s fun. It should be fun. Not a chore. If it’s a chore. Split up.

E: What would you do if you were not in a band?
DSC: Chef.

E: What’s the best music festival you’ve ever been to?
Glastonbury! Easy. Awesome.

E: Do you have any possession you can’t live without?
DSC: Lighter. Satsumas and Bose headphones.


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