Music of the Week – Sidewalk

Who? Sidewalk, the Scandinavian hippie rap trio—Pitz, DJ Lastword & The Sun

Which song? Their latest single, Don’t Go

Why? After releasing their EP, Takeoff in 2008, and some singles, Sidewalk are back with Don’t Go, their first single and video from their forthcoming and surely anticipated debut album, Touching the Sky, which will come out in fall 2012. As soon as the beats of the percussion hit in the first few seconds of the track, we realize that we are about to be exposed to another fabulous Swedish talent who blends hip-hop, rap, funk, soul and pop and make them into one kind of a craft. Although the lyrics are gloomy because they tell about a man’s desperate cry to keep his girl from leaving him, the music definitely presents something fresh with such a good vibe for listeners to enjoy. What’s more? We like the new ‘bling’ of the video which shows the talent of the young director, Nikeisha Andersson. Enough said, this song is just RAD.

More info about Sidewalk


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