Shotgun Crackers @Marie Laveau Stockholm 040512

Shotgun Crackers (L-R): Sebastian Ganz (keyboards), Albin Fröjd (bass), Fredrik Nilsson (vocal), Niklas Henry Karlsson (guitar), Gustav Bladlund (guitar), Simon Kolström (drums). Photo by: Erik Huldt

So ok, since the last time I saw Shotgun Crackers for the first time when they supported The Fix at Debaser Slussen, I have been thinking about looking for another chance to see them again. It is true that first impression was remarkable, yet I still felt like I did not pay full attention to do them justice on my last review. Luckily, they announced that they would play at Marie Laveau which was just a perfect timing as I had no other plan on that Friday night. This time I was prepared. I listened first to their self-titled album Shotgun Crackers which was released in 2010 as well as the rest of the singles and then I was just so pumped for the live show.

They started to roll around 10.30 pm by playing a brand new track called The Zone which I think should have been received with more enthusiasm. This single is a perfect introduction to their creation of indie pop rock for those of you who have never heard of the band before. They have just the right melodies, likeable choruses and beats which lure you to move your body if not totally dance. Throughout their set, I was smitten by the flawless sound. I could clearly hear each instrument. The incredible riffs, the bass, the keys and the kicking drums were magnificent. All that plus the energy that each member showed created a truly enjoyable gig. And oh, by the way, one tip for Fredrik (vocal): don’t hide behind the hoodie :D They played of course the hit Different City, but the crowd got finally fired up near the end of the show during the amazing song Runner Runner. No wonder, it is definitely a song for people to jump, bob heads or whatever moves. After that, they disappeared and came back on stage to the chanting crowd so that they performed one last song which was the EPIC Computer Age. Why epic? It’s 9-minutes long and got a chilling atmospheric intro which I really love. If you don’t believe me, listen here. What a perfect way to close the show which was quite short but really worth it.

Last comment: I am as guilty as everyone who should have joined the two girls at front dancing that night.


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