Interview with The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club

Do you know which band whose big break we are so looking forward to seeing? Yes, The Slow Readers Club it is. This Manchester based band — Aaron Starkie on vocals, Kurtis Starkie on guitar, James Ryan on bass and Neil Turvin on drums — have too huge a talent and sound for the world to look away. Their grandiose arrangement of guitars and electronic noise plus evocative lyrics and profound vocals take you to somewhere deep and dark only to lift you up again. Listening to the band’s album preview makes us realize The Slow Readers Club is something special, thus we are beyond excited to have Aaron Starkie, the lead singer, answered our questions.

Ear to Ears (E2E): How did you come up with ‘The Slow Readers Club’ name?
The Slow Readers Club (SRC): I remember as I was finishing Junior School we were taken around Senior School and shown all the different class rooms, Science labs and drama room and all that. One of the rooms we saw was called ‘Special needs’ I thought it was really odd that you could be assessed at that age and then be removed from the mainstream of education. The Slow Readers Club is our versions of that, we wanted The Smiths but someone had already used it :)

E2E: Could you tell us a little about your background before you formed the band?
SRC: Me, Jim and Neil we in a previous band called Omertà, and my brother Kurt fronted a band called Belief System before we got together to form The Slow Readers Club.

E2E: You’re gonna release your debut album on 21st May, how was the process behind the making of it?
SRC: Recording the album was pretty intense, long days from about 10am to 10pm, could fry your brain sometimes but it was worth it. We had done a lot of work in preparation before we went in, we had already demoed all the tracks and had most of the synth parts and strings and stuff pre recorded.
Working with Kipper was brilliant he taught us a lot about building the sound and creating texture. Kurt recorded about ten guitar tracks on some songs, we wouldn’t always use them all but it gave us lats to work with.

E2E: We notice that you make pretty emotional music and lyrics, do you have any story behind it?
SRC: Most of the lyrics operate around a similar theme and it basically boils down to a discomfort with established institutions and systems, whether that be a relationship or working a nine-five to afford two holidays a year or buy a better car. Often they are intentionally churlish, to provoke a reaction like in Feet on Fire: “I will regret this decision for a long, long time. You know I only really wanted her for just one night, and now she hunts me down, she hunts me down, she hunts me down, for the rest of my life”

E2E: If you could pick any place in the world, where would you want to play?
SRC: Coachella or Benicassim would be nice :)

E2E: Do you have any ritual before going on stage?
SRC: 1 beer

E2E: What is the most played song on your music player recently?
SRC: Dogwood Blossom – Fionn Regan

E2E: What is your favourite record of all time?
SRC: The Queen is Dead – The Smiths

E2E: Any plan on promoting your forthcoming album?
SRC: Yes more gigs and more TV and Radio play watch this space

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