Interview with RKC

Adam Ficek

A while ago, we were thrilled because we had the honor to interview the multi-talented Adam Ficek whose moniker RKC released the British Plastic album in 2011. Previously known as the drummer in Babyshambels, Adam went solo as Roses Kings Castles and has already produced two albums, Roses Kings Castles and Suburban Timebomb. In British Plastic, he continues exploring his creativity and musicianship which show many potentials. His mix of synth, percussion, and guitars brings into being great tracks like These Are The Days, Here Comes The Summer, and Kittens Become Cats. Check them out and we will make sure that we keep an eye out for his next work.

Ear to Ears (E2E): We learn that RKC is the abbreviation of your previous performing name ‘Roses Kings Castles’. How did you come up with it in the first place?
Roses Kings Castles (RKC): I liked the idea of having three words and those words seemed to fit the style of the music at the time.

E2E: You seem to be pretty active on Twitter. How does it help promote your music?
RKC: I do a lot of spamming and making stuff up, it seems to work on a superficial level. Social networks are great for keeping people informed and I’m lucky I came from a bigger branding so I utilise that constantly.

E2E: How do you think British Plastic fits into the current music sphere?
RKC: I don’t think it does really, it’s a messily produced, sincere piece of art about where I was at mentally last year.  I suppose it might fit into some leftfield kid’s lo fi indie space.

E2E: How do you put together your live performances? How many people are on stage with you, considering you played almost all the instruments in the recording session?
RKC: Onstage we have four people, myself on guitar and vocals, another guitar player, drums and bass. We also use a sampler for now. I don’t think I will use it in the future.

E2E: How do you see yourself develop over the course of your career in music?
RKC: I would like to grow my fan base especially to sell more albums. It means I can put more time into my music. I want to make an album every year if possible. Money is tight now though so who knows….

E2E: Do you have a dream musical collaboration? Who would you like to have to collaborate with in the future?
RKC: Not sure really, everyone does the collaboration thing, I find it a  little bit fake. But…yes I would like to work with someone much more famous than me so I could sell more records.

E2E: Have you ever been to Asia? Any plan on going down there to play some shows?
RKC: Would love to, hook me up.

E2E: What is next from RKC? New album maybe?
RKC: There will be an acoustic ep I think, I’m getting better at the guitar and I want to arrange some of my past songs on acoustic, not just me banging open chords out. I’ll release my next album in 2013.

E2E: What is your guilty pleasure?
RKC: Birdwatching.

E2E: Could you tell us what your favourite book is?
RKC: Don’t really read that much to be honest. I’m not that clever. I’m currently reading a book on how the human brain perceives music.

E2E: What would you do if we had zombie apocalypse and they wanted to eat your brain?
RKC: Depends how many there were.

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