Urban Cone with The Macapeers @Debaser Medis 120512

Urban Cone (L-R): Jacob William Sjöberg, Rasmus Flyckt, Tim Formgren, Magnus Folkö, Emil Gustafsson

Fact: going to a high school which focuses on music in Sweden guarantees you a success in music career. Well, that’s a total generalization, but at least that’s what I got from seeing Urban Cone and The Macapeers gigs last Saturday. These Stockholm’s exciting bands who have the same alma mater brought on a full quality show that night which made me falling for them. Swedish humongous talents just keep overwhelming me, in a good way of course!

I saw Urban Cone for the first time when they opened Foster The People show in November last year at the same venue. That time I was already hooked by their dancy electronic beats that I came home searching on the web to re-listen to their songs and hoping to catch them live again. And how lucky I was that the chance came sooner than I thought and this time they headlined! I got even more psyched because The Macapeers as the opening act was marvelous. Even though I didn’t really get the influence of the 60s British sounds like when I listened to their Soundcloud, I really enjoyed their composition of indie pop. The keys element on their music is a bit similar to Urban Cone, but it is permissible as it adds energy and kicks to the songs. I especially liked when they played the song called Sofie in the middle of their set since Tintti Dahlin’s vocal here got more intense which grabbed the audience’s (and mine) attention. As they finished playing their sixth and last song, I told myself that this four-piece band is definitely the next band on my list to watch for.

The Macapeers

Moving on, Urban Cone showed up around 11pm and kicked off the night right away with their wicked track Freak from Our Youth pt. 1 EP. The killer electro thuds in the beginning were immediately responded by screaming and dancing crowd. The banging drums in the chorus and the melodic guitars that followed became signs of the band’s massive performance for the rest of the night. Playing the hit We should Go To France after Freak, Urban Cone continued being attractive. The audience, meanwhile, seemed to refuse to stop moving to the music even during a slow number The Prom. We were drowned in Emil Gustafsson and Rasmus Flyckt’s young and sweet boyish voices, but Déjà vu was the first moment I got really hypnotized by the incredibly amazing roaring riffs together with the slamming keyboards tunes near the end of the song. I was totally speechless. I could breathe again when they slowed down by playing a vulnerable yet so beautiful song Black Ocean. The room lightened up again during Kings and Queens which is their latest single from Our Youth pt. 2 EP throughout which everybody was clapping and dancing. After that, the band did the obvious ‘disappearance’ to the backstage and then came back to play their first big hit Urban Photograph which instantly got a loud cheer from the crowd. Then finally, they ended the concert with Our Youth when they truly showed their quality because their performance in the last part of this song was beyond fantastic. They really gave it all.

From where I stood, I could only take pic of Emil. Sadly.

and maybe one of Jacob too

Even in the end I got almost blinded by the lights, I left Debaser Medis with full smile and regained youthful spirit. And I was not the only one. Urban Cone is absolutely the next big thing.



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