Morrissey @Tennis Indoor Senayan Jakarta 100512

Morrissey Live in Jakarta, May 20th 2012

A long wait of Morrissey’s fans in Indonesia has over. On last May 10th, we could finally see the legend’s show at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. Moz army had been waiting for like more or less 15 years to see the Mozziah himself. I still remember clearly how excited I was when I first found out that Morrissey would perform in the city. It was in the late of February, just after we started our blog, when Indika Productions announced it and I felt like I had to write about it on this blog. From the beginning, I knew that this gig would definitely sold out. And yes, indeed, the tickets for the standing class were finished on the first day the tickets were on sale. On March 1st, the promoter sold the tickets online and offline starting at 10 am. I was at my office, of course, but it was as if I didn’t care anything but Morrissey’s gig ticket and went crazy on the first minutes past ten o’clock that day when suddenly the ticket box site was crashed over and over again. Luckily, I got my friend’s and my ticket secured at 10:07 (oh yes I still remember everything about it). And  I just had to have another wait until the sacred 10th of May finally came…

The D-Day had come and I was so ready for it. I took a day off because I didn’t want my work to interrupt the pleasure to see my teenage hero. So, on the midday I went to Tennis Indoor Senayan to redeem my ticket. The ticket box tent was already there and I only saw few people around. After I had my lunch and wandered around at the nearest mall, I went back to the venue at about 2-3 pm. Some fans, including several foreigners, had already gathered there, sitting near the entrance gate. At about 4-5 pm, the first gate finally opened. The day before the gig, I won a quiz held by the promoter in Twitter and got express gate passes for two. I was actually not sure what they were for for since I only used the pass on the first gate. But that didn’t matter, I enjoyed my time with all the Moz fans I met while we were queuing at the second gate before we entered the venue.

At around 7 pm, the second gate finally opened and I ran as fast as I could, but apparently I wasn’t that fast since I got the second row behind two foreigner girls who were surprisingly shorter than me (lucky!). I saw the stage was covered with a huge white sheet and woooww! it wasn’t too far from the barrier, only about a meter away. Knowing that we still had to wait about two hours before the show kicked off, some fans decided to sit down and save our energy.

Fifteen minutes to 8 pm, we were entertained by several classic (1950s to 1970s) music videos. They are Shocking Blue – Might Joe, Vince Taylor – There’s A Lotta Twistin Goin’ On, Nico – I’m Not Sayin’Brigitte Bardot – Bubble GumFrancoise Hardy – All Over the World, Sparks – Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth (Dutch TV 1974), New York Dolls – Looking for a Kiss, Klaus Nomi (I’m not sure which song) and a performance of Lypsinka, a drag artist.

After the screening of these great artists’ videos, the white curtain on the stage was taken down by some crews. When we saw Morrissey and his band came up to the stage, we just simply went mad. He wore a blue shirt and jeans while the bands were shirtless, except Boz Boorer who was in a long silver dress with a wig and make-up. The stage’s backdrop was a huge Oscar Wilde picture with “Who is Morrissey?” written on it. Morrissey then greeted us first with “Selamat malam” (“Good evening” in Indonesian language) before we heard the How Soon is Now intro and went even crazier. I got pushed around really hard by some boys around me and I could feel how excited everyone was in the venue. Well… some of us were crying too. We sang along as loud as we could and we got a very intense and powerful crowd choir there. After Morrissey sang the first song, he said, “I didn’t expect this.” We were so thrilled when he said this to the crowd. Oh, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Moz. And we just wanted to make sure that we would be your best crowd ever!

After How Soon Is Now, Morrissey sang hits like You Have Killed Me, Alma Matters and Everyday is Like Sunday, beside other The Smiths’ songs such as Shoplifters of the World Unite. When he performed First of the Gang to Die, finally one of the audience got on to the stage after hardly passed the security at the photographer pit. He handed flowers to Morrissey and hugged him. What a lucky guy to be the first one who managed to get up on the stage and hugged Moz after some people failed to do the same and could “only” shook Morrissey’s hand before the security took them away. That night Morrissey also said some words about UN action towards the tragedy in Syria. We know that he always concerns about humanity and animals, just like few days before the gig when he showed his interest on Surabaya zoo case and asked Indonesian government to close the zoo after hundred of animals were found dead and disappeared there. That night, he also said “Your English is good, my English is bad” and he made us happy when he said, “Aku cinta kamu (I love you), with all of my heart, may we never apart.”

One of the most touching songs of the night might have been Meat is Murder. A documentary video was played during this song. I could see Morrissey’s intense expression when he sang this song. Let Me Kiss You soon followed when another lucky guy could get on the stage as well and he hugged and kissed Morrissey. Even Moz gave his hand to help him climb the stage. Oh, how perfect it was to be helped by Moz and kiss him in the middle of Let Me Kiss You. To make the night more perfect, at about 10 pm that night, Morrissey took off his shirt (of course followed by insanely loud scream from the girls, boys—basically every one there) and threw it to the crowd in the middle. (I actually wondered who got this shirt and what he was gonna do with it.) Then, Moz went to backstage while the band was still playing the music and Boz moved forward and walked from the centre of the stage to the left side. (Oh, I still remember how he stared at the crowd! Hahaha) Beside his own hits and some of The Smiths, Morrissey also performed a cover of Franki Valli’s song, To Give (The Reason I Live). In the middle of Jakarta’s heat, Morrissey changed his shirts twice. He wore a black shirt after he threw the blue one and a purple shirt when he sang Speedway before the encore. It was so sad when we finally came to the last song of the show, Still Ill. I didn’t expect he was going to sing this song. But since I love it, I can’t complain about it. The night was still amazing, whichever songs he chose to sing. Yes, indeed, everything happened on the gig was a-moz-ing!

And last but not least… Happy birthday to Morrissey. May 22nd.

Morrissey in Jakarta (Photo by Indika Productions)

Morrissey in Jakarta (Photo by Indika Productions)


  1. How Soon is Now?
  2. You Have Killed Me
  3. You’re the One for Me, Fatty
  4. Alma Matters
  5. Black Cloud
  6. When Last I Spoke to Carol
  7. Shoplifters of the World Unite
  8. Everyday is Like Sunday
  9. I Know It’s Over
  10. First of the Gang to Die
  11. Meat is Murder
  12. Let Me Kiss You
  13. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
  14. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
  15. Ouija Board
  16. To Give (The Reason I Live) – Franky Valli cover
  17. I Will See You in Far Off Places
  18. Speedway
  19. Still Ill

PS. Photos and videos are not mine. Photos by Indika Productions. First of the Gang to Die (Live in Jakarta video) by upiel and Let Me Kiss You (live in Jakarta) video by entulista. I didn’t take any photos or videos. I was too busy enjoying the show (beside the no-camera-allowed rule) :D


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