Music of the Week – Casablanca

Who? Casablanca from London, which consists of  Tom MacColl, Jacob Wheldon, Angus Mayer, Jimmy Morris, Tom Herzberg and Callum Akass

Which song? Their latest song, Island

Why? Looking for a young and fresh band with a big talent? Well, you have come to the right place. This group of teenage boys has proven that being young doesn’t mean you can’t make a good quality music. The song starts slow and convincing, but then it really takes shape when strong melodic guitar chords become more materialize in the chorus and the second verse where the drum beats first come in. The first half of the song can easily capture your heart, but the rest of it, where all the instruments fall into place and give a certain kind of edge is the one that will make you bow to Jacob Wheldon and friends. Without a doubt, they sound way more mature than they really are and let’s just hope they commit to their talents as bright future awaits them.

More info about Casablanca


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