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Tantoklafset Day 2 @Tantolunden Stockholm 090612

Tantoklafset Day 1 was great and so much fun and I was hoping the same for Day 2. But oh dear, I didn’t realize that I was just about to witness even greater performances by Swedish artists with a variety … Continue reading

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Tantoklafset Day 1 @Tantolunden Stockholm 080612

Stockholm, Sweden, I love you… and your free music festival called Tantoklafset bringing absolutely great music! Whoaa can’t believe it’s been two weeks already since then. I had such a blast. It was a real pleasure to get to spend … Continue reading

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Music of The Week – Ideals

Who? Ipswich dearest quartet whose members are Andrew Major, Benjamin Ward, Simon Wilson and Ben Smith Which song? Eyes Open, brand new single from Let Your Anger Leave You EP Why? We have put Ideals on our top watch-list since the first … Continue reading

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The Hives signing session @Bengans Stockholm 040612

After seeing The Hives live last March, I prayed hoping that I could catch them again when they play Gröna Lund later in September. But since I was so amazed by their awesomeness, I was kinda hoping to see them sooner … Continue reading

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Howler with Hooded Fang @Debaser Slussen Stockholm 310512

After three months of waiting since I knew Minnesota-band Howler was coming to play Debaser, last Thursday was finally the day I got the chance to experience myself what NME had been hailing as the best new band in 2011. … Continue reading

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