The Hives signing session @Bengans Stockholm 040612

After seeing The Hives live last March, I prayed hoping that I could catch them again when they play Gröna Lund later in September. But since I was so amazed by their awesomeness, I was kinda hoping to see them sooner than that. And well, God seemed to answer my prayer. The Hives suddenly announced they would do a signing in Bengans record store just in time for Lex Hives’ release worldwide. I flipped out. The thought that I would meet them face to face made me unable to compose myself. I am such a big fan of their music and as a person coming all the way from Indonesia to live temporarily in Sweden, this opportunity means huge for me. It is something that would not come twice.

The event starts at 6 pm and fans holding CDs, Vynils and posters already made up quite a long queue inside Bengans. The Hives’ gentlemen with their badass leather jackets gave a shout out to the fans before they took their seats. Under less than one hour, the signing went smoothly. The guys really took time to sign all the stuffs the fans brought with them, had little chat and nicely granted all requests of taking picture together. When it was my turn to get my copy of Lex Hives signed, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist said hi to fans in Indonesia. So guys, fingers crossed and never lose hope that they would eventually play in Indonesia :)

Here are some pictures I took in one of the best and treasured moments in my life. Enjoy!




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