Tantoklafset Day 1 @Tantolunden Stockholm 080612

Credit: Tantoklafset

Stockholm, Sweden, I love you… and your free music festival called Tantoklafset bringing absolutely great music! Whoaa can’t believe it’s been two weeks already since then. I had such a blast. It was a real pleasure to get to spend two whole days enjoying (sort of) Swedish summer by watching numerous Swedish acts performing various music genres in a green area just right in the middle of the city. All that combined without even spending one cent (well, except for food and drinks). How could anyone miss it, right? And for a music enthusiast like me, it was just a perfect event to discover new tunes.

Day 1 Tantoklafset on Friday started shortly before 4 pm. The sun shone so bright and the air was warm enough like they gave assurance that nothing could ruin the day. Unfortunately, it seemed that it was still too early for Stockholmers to start coming to Tantolunden, sitting or laying on the grass, having a beer or two and basking in the sun just like what some people already did. As a result, it was a bit sad to see a good band like Come on Like Gangbusters as the first act had to perform in front of too few number of people. However, I really enjoyed their British pop sound that I should dig more later. The second act which was added last to the line-up of the festival was a dynamic rap/hip-hop duo called Mårdh & Shivano. More people then showed up during the set of a reggae group named Troopical. Around 6.30 pm, Tantoklafset was getting merrier with the performance of Shotgun Crackers which was one of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing. At this point, some spontaneous festival-goers immersed themselves by dancing to the band’s music in front of the stage which I totally approved of. You can see how fun it looked like here. Samson for President and the electro duo Grenades for the Wall were the next two acts to take the stage before Isak Strand vs Toe impressed me with their funk and groove.  Their set ended my first day in Tantoklafset pleasantly and I went home around 10 pm, not only with Isak Strand vs Toe’s Be All We Couldstill ringing in my ears, but also with excitement (and impatience) for Tantoklafset Day 2!

See some of the pictures below and click through them to find out more about the bands and their music!

Come On Like Gangbusters

Mårdh & Shivano


Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Samson for President

Samson for President

Grenades for The Wall

Isak Strand Vs. Toe

Isak Strand Vs. Toe


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