Gig Review

Every time we have a chance (and money) we will gladly come to any great gig around. We write our review down for you, even though we know how far-from-perfect our writings are. Hopefully, we can share our excitement and euphoria through our review.

Dry The River "pretending" to be a rock band

Dry The River, Stockholm, 12122012

Theme Park, Jakarta, 28-300912

Tantoklafset Day 2, Stockholm, 090612

Tantoklafset Day 1, Stockholm, 080612

Howler with Hooded Fang, Stockholm, 310512

Morrissey, Jakarta,          100512

Urban Cone, Stockholm,    120512

Shotgun Crackers, Stockholm, 040512

L’arc en Ciel, Jakarta,      020512

Record Store Day, Stockholm, 210412

Shed Seven, Bandung, 310312

The Hives, Stockholm, 310312

The Fix, Stockholm, 220312

Friendly Fires, Jakarta, 170312

Architecture in Helsinki, Jakarta, 100312

The Drums, Stockholm, 090312

TPOBPAH, Jakarta, 020312

The Concept, Stockholm, 250212

The Maccabees, Stockholm, 180212

Bombay Bicycle Club, Jakarta, 130112


1 Response to Gig Review

  1. Othy says:

    Lo ke Stockholm?eaaaaa brp lama?ckckckckck lo lbh gokil dr gw nih

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