Music of the Week – Gaoler’s Daughter

Who? The four-piece South London band, Gaoler’s Daughter

Which song? Their new single, When We Were Young

Why? Gaoler’s Daughter is one of our treasured discovery since we started this blog. Thus, we  can’t be more excited about their upcoming single, When We Were Young, which will be released on August 6th. Started with energetic drum beats in the intro, When We Were Young definitely has a positive tune with an equally stand-out sound from every instrument. With this track, the band that is made up of John Sterry on lead vocal, Alex Mahood on guitar, Alfie Ambrose on bass and Ben Hutchinson on drums just confirms once again the fact that they deliver an unpretentious music with a perfect blend with Sterry’s distinctive voice.

More info  about Gaoler’s Daughter:

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Tantoklafset Day 2 @Tantolunden Stockholm 090612

Credit: Tantoklafset

Tantoklafset Day 1 was great and so much fun and I was hoping the same for Day 2. But oh dear, I didn’t realize that I was just about to witness even greater performances by Swedish artists with a variety of musical talents. Although I hated to miss some of the first acts, the rest of the performers really wowed me with their beautiful voices, unique sounds, and true awesome songs! The fact that the sun seemed to hide behind the clouds and the temperature was low enough to force me to wear layers of cloths did not ruin my mood when I got to the venue just in time to catch Natten. The quartet brought forward instrumental music pieces that they called “psykonautdisko” and clearly, it hypnotized me. It is not a kind of disco that makes you crazily dance, but it rather lets you drown in it, sway and feel every note and left you cringe in the end. Trust me, it’s that good.

After the brilliant Natten, a sweet looking girl with a wonderful voice named Linn Öberg brought along her guitar and sung pretty good folk/pop songs. Tantoklafset was getting intense with a high-energy performance by Musikkollektivet. With two main singers and six musicians on stage all bare feet and wore rolled up shirts and trousers, Musikkollektivet gave free-spirited good times and rich yet harmonious sound. They were indeed really fun to watch. Another female solo artist to perform that day after Musikkollektivet got off stage was Antonia Vai, who has not only gorgeous looks but also exceptional singing. RMK, Toppen & Kompaniett were the following collective acts who, similar to Musikkollektivet, put forward harmony along with an expression of delight which were reflected in the music as well as in the performance.

And then it was time for the last two most anticipated bands that I genuinely love. I am not gonna lie that my level of excitement at that moment was in its peak because I was just literally couldn’t stand still to see Sidewalk for the first time ever and The Fix as the best unsigned band I know. For the last couple of months, I’ve been their huge fans. So, to see them play in one event was really a total treat for me. Without further ado, Sidewalk smashed Tantoklafset with their latest single and hit Don’t Go (video). It was unexpected since I didn’t think that they would open their set with that song. However, I have some revelation after only that first few minutes of their performance. Verner Westlund’s voice and singing is world-class and breathtaking. Patrick Ray’s rapping is charming and Daniel Lastword is the coolest and most vigorous Dj I’ve seen. I was simply in awe and couldn’t be more grateful. Their concept of ‘Scandinavian hippie-rap’ is unbelievably captivating and full of charisma. Let’s just hope that it was not the last chance for me to see them live.

After being star-struck by Sidewalk’s presence, The Fix’s closing performance left me utterly speechless. Why? THEY HAD THE FRICKIN’ CONFETTI AND FOUR MASSIVE BALLOONS as part of their astounding show. What else? Johan, the forever-wild-and-highly-amusing vocalist, handed out free cans of beers with their name sprayed on it during the songs. Want more? They performed not one, but TWO amazing brand new songs, one of which I luckily managed to record for you to enjoy here. The Fix just simply killed it. They successfully drew together more unexpected festival attendees which would only mean that they gained a bunch of new fans. And finally, many kudos to all of their efforts to pull off such a fantastic show and make everyone especially the festival organizer tremendously satisfied. I am happy. So people, this has been TANTOKLAFSET!

Click through the pictures below to find out more about all the artists.

PS: I got to meet the guys from Sidewalk and The Fix after Tantoklafset ended and let me tell you, they are some of the nicest people I’ve met! And oh, sorry for obvious disproportionately amount of Sidewalk and The Fix’s pictures :D


Linn Öberg



Antonia Vai

RMK, Toppen & Kompaniett





The Fix

The Fix

Johan chillin’ on the balloon

Erik A

Johan helping Stefan hitting the cymbals

Stefan Bergman

The Fix

Johan Falkman

Johan documenting the crowd

all over the stage including the railings

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Tantoklafset Day 1 @Tantolunden Stockholm 080612

Credit: Tantoklafset

Stockholm, Sweden, I love you… and your free music festival called Tantoklafset bringing absolutely great music! Whoaa can’t believe it’s been two weeks already since then. I had such a blast. It was a real pleasure to get to spend two whole days enjoying (sort of) Swedish summer by watching numerous Swedish acts performing various music genres in a green area just right in the middle of the city. All that combined without even spending one cent (well, except for food and drinks). How could anyone miss it, right? And for a music enthusiast like me, it was just a perfect event to discover new tunes.

Day 1 Tantoklafset on Friday started shortly before 4 pm. The sun shone so bright and the air was warm enough like they gave assurance that nothing could ruin the day. Unfortunately, it seemed that it was still too early for Stockholmers to start coming to Tantolunden, sitting or laying on the grass, having a beer or two and basking in the sun just like what some people already did. As a result, it was a bit sad to see a good band like Come on Like Gangbusters as the first act had to perform in front of too few number of people. However, I really enjoyed their British pop sound that I should dig more later. The second act which was added last to the line-up of the festival was a dynamic rap/hip-hop duo called Mårdh & Shivano. More people then showed up during the set of a reggae group named Troopical. Around 6.30 pm, Tantoklafset was getting merrier with the performance of Shotgun Crackers which was one of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing. At this point, some spontaneous festival-goers immersed themselves by dancing to the band’s music in front of the stage which I totally approved of. You can see how fun it looked like here. Samson for President and the electro duo Grenades for the Wall were the next two acts to take the stage before Isak Strand vs Toe impressed me with their funk and groove.  Their set ended my first day in Tantoklafset pleasantly and I went home around 10 pm, not only with Isak Strand vs Toe’s Be All We Couldstill ringing in my ears, but also with excitement (and impatience) for Tantoklafset Day 2!

See some of the pictures below and click through them to find out more about the bands and their music!

Come On Like Gangbusters

Mårdh & Shivano


Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Shotgun Crackers

Samson for President

Samson for President

Grenades for The Wall

Isak Strand Vs. Toe

Isak Strand Vs. Toe

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Music of The Week – Ideals

Who? Ipswich dearest quartet whose members are Andrew Major, Benjamin Ward, Simon Wilson and Ben Smith

Which song? Eyes Open, brand new single from Let Your Anger Leave You EP

Why? We have put Ideals on our top watch-list since the first time we listened to their single, Lungs. Since then, any song they released undoubtedly becomes our favourite until their last EP, Let Your Anger Leave You, which shows that this four-piece-band has grown musically with a more polished sound. This six-minutes-track has a slow start followed by Andrew’s low and melancholic voice, only then grows bigger with an intense and impressive pre-chorus and interlude. With the addition of a trumpet sound seeping in the background that is typically Ideals, it is impossible not to love this song. Need more reason? It is backed up with a beautifully colored music video directed by Nick Williamson.

More info about Ideals

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The Hives signing session @Bengans Stockholm 040612

After seeing The Hives live last March, I prayed hoping that I could catch them again when they play Gröna Lund later in September. But since I was so amazed by their awesomeness, I was kinda hoping to see them sooner than that. And well, God seemed to answer my prayer. The Hives suddenly announced they would do a signing in Bengans record store just in time for Lex Hives’ release worldwide. I flipped out. The thought that I would meet them face to face made me unable to compose myself. I am such a big fan of their music and as a person coming all the way from Indonesia to live temporarily in Sweden, this opportunity means huge for me. It is something that would not come twice.

The event starts at 6 pm and fans holding CDs, Vynils and posters already made up quite a long queue inside Bengans. The Hives’ gentlemen with their badass leather jackets gave a shout out to the fans before they took their seats. Under less than one hour, the signing went smoothly. The guys really took time to sign all the stuffs the fans brought with them, had little chat and nicely granted all requests of taking picture together. When it was my turn to get my copy of Lex Hives signed, Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist said hi to fans in Indonesia. So guys, fingers crossed and never lose hope that they would eventually play in Indonesia :)

Here are some pictures I took in one of the best and treasured moments in my life. Enjoy!



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Howler with Hooded Fang @Debaser Slussen Stockholm 310512

Howler (L-R): Jordan Gatesmith, Ian Nygaard, Max Petrek, Brent Mayes, France Camp

After three months of waiting since I knew Minnesota-band Howler was coming to play Debaser, last Thursday was finally the day I got the chance to experience myself what NME had been hailing as the best new band in 2011.

Hooded Fang (L-R): Lane Halley, Daniel Lee, April Aliermo, D. Alex Meeks

Around 8.40 pm, the Canadian four-piece band Hooded Fang opened the show delivering a solid performance through and through of more or less 10 indie-pop songs with danceable 60’s rock sound. Shamefully, the audience who sparsely filled the room seemed reluctant to move their bodies which I bet they secretly wished have done, well maybe except for the one girl who could not look away from seeing Howler’s Jordan Gatesmith (vocal) and Max Petrek (bass) who stood by the stage watching Hooded Fang played. Even so, it did not stop the pair of Daniel Lee (main vocal, guitar) and April Aliermo (bass, vocal) from embracing the crowd with friendly greetings and funny and slightly inappropriate jokes as common attributes they apparently shared with Howler.  From that moment on, it was really nice to see how in juxtaposition these two bands took their shows both lightly and seriously which has become their appeal beside their music. Anyway, Polaris Prize-nominated Hooded Fang has released two greatly praised albums called Album and Tosta Mista for you to check out.

Hooded Fang

After doing sound check by themselves, Howler finally took the stage shortly before 10 pm. Kicking off with Wailing (Making Out), Howler effortlessly showed their quality, but when I looked at people around me, there was an atmosphere of uncertainty of how good or bad the night would turn out.  Throughout all the songs which were taken from their debut album America Grow Up, some genuine fans in the front row let loose with the music (especially during Told You Once and Back of Your Neck), yet some others were unmoved. It was absurd (and a pity), but it was a relief as well to see that the crowd still appreciated the band in their own way because they should have. Musically, in my opinion, Howler is The Strokes meets The Libertines. However, Jordan’s low, rough and sometimes a bit mumbled voice, Ian Nygaard’s sharp guitar playing, Max Petrek’s kicking bass and Brent Mayes’ powerful drumming brought on their own kind of rock and roll and professionalism. They were loud, a good kind of loud which could make you just want to grab someone and dance like no one was watching. The fact that Ian had to use Jordan’s guitar because of his own broken strings in the middle of the show and how they were actually looking forward to going home after a long tour did not make me doubt of their young, fresh and huge talents. Behind the skinny jeans and the sneakers, they have quality which makes everything totally worth it. Howler lived up to the hype, and absolutely so much more.

Jordan and Max

Ian Nygaard playing Jordan’s guitar

pretty guitar Jordan!

Brent Mayes

Hooded Fang’s Lane Halley joined Howler in one song

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Music of the Week – Casablanca

Who? Casablanca from London, which consists of  Tom MacColl, Jacob Wheldon, Angus Mayer, Jimmy Morris, Tom Herzberg and Callum Akass

Which song? Their latest song, Island

Why? Looking for a young and fresh band with a big talent? Well, you have come to the right place. This group of teenage boys has proven that being young doesn’t mean you can’t make a good quality music. The song starts slow and convincing, but then it really takes shape when strong melodic guitar chords become more materialize in the chorus and the second verse where the drum beats first come in. The first half of the song can easily capture your heart, but the rest of it, where all the instruments fall into place and give a certain kind of edge is the one that will make you bow to Jacob Wheldon and friends. Without a doubt, they sound way more mature than they really are and let’s just hope they commit to their talents as bright future awaits them.

More info about Casablanca

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